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Hello, my name is Chiara and I am the creator of this review website.

Just a little bit about me before I tell you about the website – that way I’m not just a name: I was born in Malta and grew up in Libya and Switzerland. At 16 I came to England to take my A levels and I went on to study Law and French Law at the LSE.  I have worked as a retail banker in London and Hong Kong, an investment banker, a primary school teacher and a school librarian; picking up a number of qualifications along the way. I have three teenage boys, two dogs, three cats and a house full of books. I love reading and I love sharing my ideas about books with other people. Hence the website!

The aim of the website is to share information about books and magazines in a fun way. Here are some of the rules I followed in creating the website:
  • Reviews must be short and to the point - long winded reviews or overviews are banned
  • Books aren’t divided into books for boys and books for girls – books are for everyone, just choose the ones you like
  • Teenagers are all different and read at different levels – so there is no strict age category, just a guideline with some comments that might affect the suitability of a book
  • Its best to read more than one person’s view on a book so the website has room for my review and then the review of any user who has an opinion
  • I thought you might want to make sure that people who want to buy you books for birthdays or Christmas buy books you like - so you can create your own wish list
  • If you really like a book or an author or a subject you might want to learn more about them so there’s an event page you can visit to see what’s on and when
  • If you would like to comment on reviews or write your own reviews, please register here.
  • Regular newsletters will be issued and provide information on new releases or information that readers and buyers of books for teenagers may find interesting. To receive the newsletter please sign up here.
I hope you find the website useful and that you find books you enjoy reading. Do contribute and share your thoughts – the more people that join in the more interesting it is. If you have any thoughts or ideas you want to share directly with me then please email me on chiara@booksteensandmagazines.com
Just one thing – keep it clean. If you don’t like a book that’s fine but be sensible in your comments. It is important that you do not write anything offensive and that you only post your own comments and thoughts - no copying other people's ideas. Our Terms And Conditions can be accessed here and our Privacy Policy is available here.