Reading List Year 7 (11 To 12 Year Olds)

Posted by Chiara on 06/03/2013

Each book in the reading list is allocated a number – 1 being an easy read and rising to 3, which is a more difficult read. There are a couple of 4’s for those who want to be stretched further. Please note that there are comments about the type of content as some books require a level of maturity from the reader and a couple are actually recommended for age 13+ on the website. The aim is to try and read from a variety of different genres and build on the level of difficulty as you progress.

For reluctant readers who struggle to finish books:

These books have short chapters and fast paced action

  • The Week – weekly magazine for adults about current affairs. Short and long articles covering topics in the news with analysis. (3)
  • All About History - monthly magazine suitable for teenagers interested in history, colourful and interesting (2)

A Selection of Books

Some Classics