The Bell Between Worlds - The Mirror Chronicles

The Bell Between Worlds - The Mirror Chronicles

Author: Ian Johnstone
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren


Sylas lives a miserable existence with his uncle after his mother's death. One day he enters a magical shop and meets the strange Mr.Zhi. Soon after this visit, he finds himself caught up in an adventure in a mirror world, The Other. He meets up with an array of interesting characters and discovers more about himself and his mother than he could ever have imagined. Using his newly discovered ability to influence nature, he helps his new friends battle evil and finds his courage and bravery tested to the extreme.

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An epic fantasy adventure which starts off gently and then moves on at a fast and exciting pace. The mirror world is similar, and yet so different, to our own and the descriptions, characters and action require full use of the reader's imagination. The characters are complex and interesting and at times it is hard to know who to trust. Equally, whilst the story drops hints along the way it never gives away the ending and leaves the reader wanting to find out what happens next. 


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This is book 1, in the The Mirror Chronicles series

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