The Sea Sisters

The Sea Sisters

Author: Lucy Clarke
Publisher: HarperCollins


Katie's sister Mia is a free spirit and Katie loves her and envies her and is exasperated by her. When Katie is told that her sister has been found dead at the bottom of some cliffs in Bali she struggles to accept the presumption that Mia committed suicide and she is plagued by the memory of their last phone call. Finding it difficult to let go of Mia's death, Katie decides to read Mia's travel journal and retrace her sister's footsteps. Perhaps then she will understand what happened to Mia and why..

Age Range

16+ written for adults, this book is an interesting read



The story is gripping and interesting and keeps you guessing until the very end. However, over-riding this hugely enjoyable story is the excellent depiction of the relationship between two sisters. If you have a sister you will recognise it. If you haven't, it will provide you with an understanding of that very tight, yet double-edged bond that ties so many sisters so closely together, and sometimes tears them apart. I found it fascinating.


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