Author: Elizabeth Norris
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren


Janelle, 17, is hit by a truck. She should have died but she lives. She knows it has something to do with Ben Michaels and she is determined to find out what. But Ben is mysterious and Janelle has other things to worry about, in particular her dad's work in the FBI. He's looking into cases of mysterious burnt bodies - which somehow seems connected to Ben. Can Janelle find an answer to the questions that keep popping up - including questions about her feelings for Ben - before things go permanently wrong?

Age Range




A mystery/adventure/scifi story with a little helping of romance. The story is fast paced and the idea behind it is intriguing and interesting. Its not for you if you only like happy endings but it is for you if you like action and thrills and uncertainty and falling in love.


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This is book 1, in the Unravelling series series

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